One point lesson template

One point lesson template and writing

one point lesson is a communication and instruction document on a brief Standard operating procedure or SOP it is used to communicate to operators and staff new or revised standards or work methods that are simple and do not require a full SOP . There are many different templates that can be used to write one point lessons, from very simple hand written pages and then posted on notice boards to computer designed templates with areas for diagrams and written explanations and a proper archiving and educational records system to track all one point lessons. Whatever the complexity of your business, operations or information systems, the one pint lesson is used as a quick way to formally communicate a valuable short procedure or change. It can also form part of your quality management and lean implementation systems .

The basic contents of a one point lesson should include

-Name of the business
-Area of the business where the task is carried out (Plant or production line number)
-A list of Personal Protective equipment (PPE) needed to be worn
-A quick sketch or drawing of the plant, area or item in question
-An area for notes or description of the new/updated procedure, plant or change.

An example of a procedure with these characteristics can be here: one point lesson template

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