One point lesson

One Point Lesson

A one point lesson is a communication on a brief Standard operating procedure or SOP, it is used to communicate to operators and staff new or revised standards or work methods that are simple and do not require a full SOP.
A one point lesson could be as simple as communicating a new running pressure for a certain vessel, a 5s standard to be implemented in a work area, a new hand operated tool to perform a certain task, or even the relocation of a piece of machinery.
One point lessons can be written by any person in the organization. It is best practice for operators and team leaders to write a one point lesson and communicate this to their peers and teams.

All one point lessons should be filed in a central area which is easy to access by most teams and employees. In some cases they are kept in folders, filling cabinets, or a dedicated one point lesson station. Operating team members should be encouraged to check these on a regular basis to inform themselves of any new one point lessons. This is usually implemented a daily or weekly basis among operating teams. Managers should be checking regularly that the one point lessons are being written for new brief procedures or plant changes and that they are being distributed and read by all operating team members.

To learn how to write a one point lesson visit: writing a one point lesson and Template

The structure of a proper one point lesson and Standard operating procedure system should function as depicted in Fig.1:

Fig1: One point lesson and standard operating procedure framework
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