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Lean Manufacturing | Operations management & Business strategy
Lean manufacturing terms and concepts
KPI-Key performance indicators and business KPI's
Implementing lean and lean manufacturing concepts
Operations management
Operations terms & Process management terms and concepts
Supply Chain Management
Article Base Menu- Operations management, business management, business strategy and Lean manufacturing articles
Continuous Process Improvement
Quality & Quality Control and Management
Maintenance Systems in a lean enterprise
Problem solving and Problem analysis tools
About Us
Lean implementation goals and objectives
Value Stream Mapping
Kanban | kanban systems | kanban cards & JIT Kanban production method
Lean Manufacturing | Operations management & Business strategy
Site Map
business/ 5 pages
Business in Asia: Country and Work Culture in South east Asia, understanding culture in South east asia
FMEA's - Risk Management in major projects
Business in Asia: Labour costs
Company Values: For whatever they're worth
Capital Boost: Internally generated cash through operations
lean/ 2 pages
Building lean plants and processes from the start
Understanding the benefits of 5s
operations/ 4 pages
Operational Improvement Opportunities: Cost benefit analysis should always be step one
Smart goals: Attainable success
Company culture, engagement and Continuous Improvement
Error Proofing: Automating to justify the Nuf-nuf factor
strategy/ 8 pages
Lean Manufacturing concept -Cycle time
Dominant market share: Flexibility and availability in your channel to market
Investing in process efficiencies during the downturn
Effective use of Consulting teams and firms
The real need for Operations Consultants
Employee retention in tight labour Markets
Cost curve significance: a hint to who survives the business cycle
The endless pursuit of the lowest cost curve
docs/ 2 pages
kpi/ 22 pages
Discounted Payback Period, Payback Period
Payback Period
Plant Uptime - Process KPI
Overall Equipment Effectiveness - OEE
Rolled throughput yield - RTY
Lead time - Customer Lead Time or Total Lead Time
Plant or Production Downtime
First time through yield - FTT
Production KPI's - Production Target
On time delivery - OTD
Unit cost | production costs | cost of manufacture
Days Inventory - Supply Chain and Inventory KPI
Delivered costs | Product delivered unit costs
Inventory Turnover
Value to weight ratio
Product stockouts - A supply chain KPI
Quality KPI - Defects per thousand or Defect per million
Quality KPI - Customer satisfaction index
Internal Quality Audit
Market share | Industry sales and market share
Return on Capital
Operating Profit, EBIT, Operating Income
leanterms/ 42 pages
Lean Manufacturing concept - Lean Manufacturing
Lean Manufacturing concept - Value Added - Value Adding
Lean Manufacturing concept -TQM Total Quality Management
Lean Manufacturing concept -Cycle time
Lean Manufacturing concept - Just in time (JIT) , Just in time Manufacturing & JIT Kanban systems
Lean Manufacturing concept -Pull System
Company culture and culture management
Quality Culture and its importance in a quality management system
Lean Manufacturing concept - Takt time
Lean Manufacturing concept - Bill of materials- BOM
Lean Manufacturing concept - Lean Office
Lean Manufacturing concept - Process Bottleneck, process block and process starvation
Lean audit and gauging an organization's lean progress
Identify the need for resources to implement lean and continuous improvement
Mass customization
Lean Manufacturing concept - MRP: Materials Requirement Planning
Lean Manufacturing concept -Value stream
Lean Manufacturing concept -One Point Lesson
Lean Manufacturing concept - Waste - seven types of waste
Lean Manufacturing concept - Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
Lean Manufacturing concept - work in progress (WIP)
Error Proofing, Pokayoke and error elimination
Lean Manufacturing concept - Poka-yoke
Lean Manufacturing concept - Production Planning
Lean Manufacturing concept -Quality at the source
Lean Manufacturing concept - Kaizen
Lean Manufacturing concept -5S
Lean Manufacturing concept - SMED Single minute exchange of die
Lean Manufacturing concept - Standardized work
Lean Manufacturing concept -Supply Chain
Lean Manufacturing concept -Standard Operating Procedure - SOP
Supply Chain Strategy and Design
Andon Systems in manufacturing and process operations
Plan Do Check Act (PDCA Cycle)
Lean-Just in time supply chain
Lean Manufacturing concept - Lean Training
Kaizen Board and communicating continuous improvement
Flexible Supply Chain
Risk adverse supply chain
Lean Manufacturing concept - iso9000 quality standards
Standard Operating Procedure(SOP) Template and writing
One point lesson template
maintenance/ 5 pages
Plant Inspections and Lubrication Schedule in a maintenance system
Breakdown Maintenance and Unscheduled breakdowns
Maintenance system-Total productive maintenance (TPM)
Autonomous Maintenance
Maintenance Programs and Strategies
operations/ 75 pages
Operations Consulting - Management consulting
Cost reduction programs and Lean in cost reduction strategies
Improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in Business Operations
Toll Production and Production Outsourcing
Inventory management and Inventory control
Identifying wasted resources within business operations
Inventory Management Costs
ABC Warehousing and inventory control
Capacity - Production and process capacity
Capacity Utilization
Economic order quantity (EOQ) Inventory management model
Yield management
First in first out inventory control (FIFO) & production inventory handling system
Lean Manufacturing concept - Kanban Systems and different kanban signal methods
Kanban system - Kanban squares
Safety stock in inventory management and control
Kanban Markers - kanban system components
Kanban System - Kanban Containers
Process analysis and production/manufacturing process analysis
Labour Productivity
Process Flow chart, process mapping and uses of process flow charts
Gap Analysis and performance gap study
Problem Tree or Issues Tree | Problem dissection and analysis
Employee surveys conducting employee surveys
Operations and Lean consulting tools
Process Improvement Strategy and continuous improvement strategy
Sustainable competitive advantage and achieving a competitive advantage in a business
Goal Setting - SMART goals
Strategic Planning
Lean Consulting - lean manufacturing
Inventory Use and advantages in a business
Collecting Production and Process data
Capacity Planning
Capital expenditure, CAPEX and capital investment
Root cause analysis
Brain storming in Problem Solving
Shadow Boards
Start Up production checklists
Cost curve and production unit cost curve
SWOT Analysis - Strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats business analysis
Startup checklist template - writing a production start up checklist
Fish Bone Diagrams
Fish bone diagram example - problem solving tool
Process and Continuous Improvement Engineer
Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA)
FMEA Steps and analysis
Pareto Principle in problem solving
Goal setting, benchmarking setting and achieving those goals
Pareto charts in Problem solving and analysis
Process Checklist
Process check list template, making a production checklist
5 Whys Problem solving and problem analysis to find root causes
Industrial Engineer, Manufacturing engineer and Industrial engineering
Potential risk analysis and potential problem analysis
Import Parity, Import Parity analysis and example
Process Flow chart symbols and meanings
Inventory rotation and inventory warehousing
Inventory management software
Build to order Inventory management model
Build to stock - Inventory management model
Lean Champion
Lean Manufacturing team
Process improvement culture
Strategic use of a SWOT analysis
Five forces in strategy model | Porter analysis
Inventory holding costs
Single order Inventory control model
Multiple order inventory control model
Time interval inventory management model
One bin inventory control system
Two bin inventory management system
Kanban system - electronic kanban and electronic kanban signals
Threat of New Entrants - Strategic forces
Using the five strategic forces or Porter analysis strategically to your advantage
Import Parity Pricing strategy