Operations & Process management terms and concepts

      Operations terms and Process management concepts , the most common operations terms are explained in more detail below. The concepts presented below can be applied in operations, operations management, manufacturing, engineering management and service/hospitality industry operations and are useful in setting lean production systems and managing operations on a daily basis.

A K  Q
-ABC warehousing -Kaizen -Quality audit
  -Kaizen Board  
  -Kanban R
B -Kanban Systems -Root cause analysis
-Bill of materials (BOM) -Kanban Squares  
-Process Bottleneck -Kanban Markers S
-Brainstorming -Kanban Containers -Shadow Boards
    -Safety stock
C L -Single minute exchange of die (SMED)
-Capacity: Production Capacity -Lean Manufacturing -SMART goals
-Company culture -Lean office -Supply chain
-Cycle time -Labour Productivity   -Standard operating procedure (SOP)
-Capacity utilization   -Stock outs
-Competitive advantage   -Start up checklist
-Cost curve -Swot analysis
-Capital Expenditure   -Start up checklist template  
E -Mass Customization  
-Economic order quantity (EOQ) -(MRP) Materials Requirement Planning T
-Enterprise resource planning (ERP)   -Takt time
  -Total Quality management (TQM)
  O -Toll Production
F -One point lesson  
-FIFO inventory system   U
-Fishbone Diagram P -Uptime
-Fishbone diagram example -Process engineer  
-FMEA -Production Planning V
-FMEA steps -Pull System -Value Added
  -Production target -Value stream
G -Pareto principle -Value stream mapping
-Goal setting -Pareto chart  
  -Process checklist W
I -Process checklist template -5 Whys
-Industrial Engineer -Potential risk -Work in progress (WIP)
-Import Parity   -PDCA Cycle
   -Process flow chart   
J -Process flow chart symbols Y
-Just in time -Process analysis -Yield Management

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