Start up checklist template

Startup checklist template - writing a production start up checklist

Production start up checklists are useful pokayoke items in production processes and production plants in order to ensure production starts up smoothly and does not suffer any set backs. Production start up checklists can vary depending on the process type, production staff knowledge and skills and production plant layout. When production plants are substantial in size, there may be several production checklists and have different parts and the scope of items to check for.

In composing a production start up checklist the process or continuous improvement engineer, production manager or plant manager should consider the following:

-Vital inputs into the process are available and ready
-The tools required to start production
-Plant and equipment turned-on and ready to run
Quality systems and checks are in place

These checklists must be completed prior to starting up the plant or machinery and equipment which is covered by the checklist.

Production start up checklist

A production checklist template can be found here: Production checklist template
Note how in the production checklist template the different plant areas for a plastics injection molding machine are listed and the different types of checks that may be required in any kind of plant. When drafting up a production startup checklist it is best to do so alongside operators and team leaders who may be doing some of these checks in an informal way.

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