Process and Continuous Improvement Engineer

The process engineer and the continuous improvement engineer roles have similar objectives relating to their involvement in lean manufacturing and lean initiatives, but in some industries they may have distinct separate roles where process engineers may have little to do with continuous improvement activities. An example of this case is in a specialized chemical plant, where process engineers are more chemically and process control focussed rather than involved in process improvement and lean manufacturing initiatives.

The process or continuous improvement engineer provides support to the Lean champion or continuous improvement manager and works with other operations team members, such as Industrial engineers, in the following areas and operational focus points to deliver a competitive advantage within their industry:

-Production data collection
-Production data and process analysis
-Spreadsheet modelling and analysis
-Process and value stream mapping
-Production process design and implementation
-Support and participation in continuous improvement or Kaizen projects
-Time/motion studies
-Focus on all waste reduction
- Standardization of tasks and processes
- Documentation of procedures and one point lessons.
- Inventory management and warehousing systems

Most process and continuous improvement engineers have had some degree of experience in operations, manufacturing, consulting or a business management positions. Although there are some of these positions offered to recent university graduates as a pathway into operations or business management roles in the future.

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