Process check list writing and template

Process checklists can be written in different ways and should always be tailored to the process or specific parameters, tasks, and quality characteristics of the process being checked. The process checklist should also be written with a specific responsible person in mind. The work load and schedule of tasks such person should also be taken into consideration when writing the checklist and assigning it to the responsible person. For more tips on writing a process checklist please refer below:

For a Process checklist example: Process checklist template

Writing a process checklist

When writing a process checklist, take into account the following recommendations:

-Think, is the process checklist really necessary?
-Who will be the person responsible for completing the process checklist?
-Use the process checklist to error proof tasks and steps in the productive process
-Incorporate checks from start of task or process to end
-Give defined operating parameters for plant and equipment, when possible refer to specific standard operating procedures or one point lessons
-What production data or parameters will be collected and their use
-How will process checklists and their respective data be captured, stored and used
-Re-check operating parameters and important plant items that are listed on the start up checklist -Walk through the process checks and process checklist to get an idea of the effectiveness of the checklist

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