Process checklist

Process Checklist

Process checklists are an error proofing and process data collection device which guides operators and staff in monitoring the key plant components, settings, and quality of both work in progress and finish products. Process checklists are considered a pokayoke item or error proof, similar to production start up checklists, and very common in production plants around the world. The value of a process checklist comes from the data it collects and the reliability of such data. The data must be collected reliably and completed honestly; this represents the most important threat to any checklist done by operators, engineers and managers who become complacent with the production process and its required checks and supervision. The completion of these checklists should be monitored and audited on a regular basis.

To compose a process checklist refer to: writing a process checklist

Process checklists may be used in one area of the plant or they can be made for a specific part of the process. In collecting process data it is usually more reliable and efficient if the data is collected via an electronic process control software system and the process checklist is used as a “manual” check to verify the data collected from the process control software. The process checklist should mainly serve as a reminder for the operator or team leader completing the checks on what and when process parameters, tasks, and gauges should be checked. The process checklist should also include what the desired parameters for a process should be if the checks are process parameters, gauges or levels of plant items.

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