Kanban Containers

Kanaban item/component containers are usually used for small components and items used in production line processes and batch production. Each container contains a designated amount of items which is usually a complete batch of components or lot. This information is usually standardized for most containers in the plant including the container size, item description and specifications are usually on the container or kanban card.

The labelled containers are stored at the production line where they are used and drawn down. There is usually more than one container of items/components at the production line/station similar to a two bin inventory system, although there are instances where there is only one bin or container at a production station, this is not recommended as this can hold up production if it is not replenished.

In the kanban inventory container system the re-plenishment or production signal can be given by many different occurances. Some of these include one empty container for a one container system, a determined number of empty containers, time, and set of kanaban cards with each contaianer or other methods such as electronic kanban signals.

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