Industrial Engineer and Industrial engineering

An Industrial engineer is a professional who has completed a university degree or high level diploma from a recognized institution in Industrial engineering or manufacturing engineering. Major studies include mathematics, mechanical engineering subjects, manufacturing processes, manufacturing techniques, process analysis, operations management, and basic business subjects. The industrial engineer usually specializes and works in manufacturing facilities, supply chain networks , lean manufacturing, process improvement, process engineering and management fields of engineering and business organizations.

Industrial engineers are critical thinkers that analyse and manage processes that add value to raw materials, service labor and resources. They endevour to optimize production or service procesesse to reduce the amount of inputs per unit of output without affecting product quality , the customer lead time or market perception of the brand or organization.

Industrial Engineering work fields

Major fields of business that employ Industrial Engineers are among the following:

-Manufacturing companies including automotive, aircraft and aerospace, building materials etc
-Service organizations such as Banks, hotel chains, retailers and airlines
-Consulting firms: strategy, lean manufacturing and operational consulting
-Government and army

The industrial engineer will usually start his career in operations and progress through fornt line management roles then onto middle and senior management roles. In these different roles the focus will be very much on operations management and operational performance. Later in his/her career that experience will aid in managing and improving financial performance of a business through operational performance and investment/financial initiatives aided by the finance team.

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