Employee surveys conducting employee surveys

Employee surveys are used in many organizations to gauge a wide variety of cultural, operational status and perception among employees and lower management. Employee surveys can also be useful in gathering ideas and suggestions from staff regarding opportunities for operational and business improvements. They are similar to customer surveys, as they provide insights, opinions and perceptions from inside the company versus outside for customer surveys. Employees are at the forefront of the business' operations and interface with customers so they will come across opportunities to improve service to customers, cost control, efficiency in carrying out ordinary tasks, opportunities to reduce customer waiting times and lead times.
These suggestions will not always be accurate or easy to implement but there will be definitely always be good suggestions that can deliver great results to the business.

Items and questions to include into an employee survey should include:

-Collection of employee data such as age and education level
-List what employees perceive to be the three most important things for the success of the business
-List a number of opportunities in their business area to improve output, reduce waste, and deliver better customer service
-List what customers most like about the business or products
-Ask employees to list what they perceive are the biggest risks to the business and operations
-Ask employees and mangers what competitors do best or what products and services they offer differently
-The motivators for performing above expectations in their current roles
-Their perception of culture and values among employees and management

These are strategic questions to ask that can definitely help in gaining an insight into employee's perceptions on the where the business is heading and what opportunities to improve operations and business performance including competitiveness within the industry and against well established competitors.

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