Lean training

Lean training or education can be provided by a wide variety of sources and at different levels of expertise. Lean training involves imparting the basic concepts of the lean manufacturing system/ Toyota manufacturing system lean concepts introduced in japan back in the eighties by Japanese auto makers, namely Toyota. Other topics included in many lean manufacturing courses include problem solving, decision making, and operations management topics including supply chain. At a professional level, lean manufacturing and its related concepts and techniques are studied in an industrial, manufacturing or supply chain engineering degree.

Obtaining the correct Lean training

Given that lean manufacturing and its many lean concepts and techniques can cover a vast area of operational functions and levels of complexity, it is important to determine either the process issues at hand or the type of industry in order to determine the topics and information needed in training sessions for your oranization or team.

Items to consider when obtaining Lean training :

-Scope of the area where lean concepts will be applied
-Level and area of expertise required of the facilitators
-Case studies and examples relevant to the business
-Supporting materials and technology to implement lean initiatives
-Lean training provider
-Internal lean facilitators
-External Lean consultants
-External lean facilitators from other businesses
-Practical examples worked by staff receiving the lean training including real business case projects within the business.
-Nomination of on site lean champions and facilitators
-Refresher training for staff
-Value realized from training expense

The objective of lean training should be for staf to gain familiarity with the many lean terms and concepts, and make these concepts part of everyday business no mater what area they work in. Care must be taken in selecting a third party training supplier, if this is the method of training chosen. The depth of experience of the facilitators provided is important, as with practical experience the facilitators will be able to better relate and share ways some of the lean concepts can be adapted to every individual business case.

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