Company Culture and culture management

Company culture is commonly referred to the attitude that employees within a business interact with each other and other stakeholders. It is viewed as the way "things are done" or how a business is run. Company culture extends far further from this meaning and has a great influence on the business, product quality, its people, customers, suppliers and reputation in the marketplace. It is usually set and greatly influenced by the business leaders and management, but most people within the organization can contribute to it.

It is imperative that managers understand that it is the people who make the business a success, not the machinery, brand name or its customers; it's the people who go to work everyday and run the business who are the most important. Customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders are also important but without a great team in your business you will find it hard to take care of these other stakeholders.

Company culture and can be observed and influenced in the following areas of a business, operation or work environment:

-Attitude and culture towards OH&S and the importance of safety in the workplace

-Relationships and dealings with suppliers

-Relationships and dealing with customers

-Employee remuneration, performance incentives, and retention rate.

-The importance of mutual respect among staff throughout the organization.

-The importance and level of leadership and persistence among all staff.

-Attitude of managers and staff towards environmental matters.

-Working hours and work life balance of all staff and employees.

-Importance of staff health, wellbeing and families.

These are not the only areas or aspects of a business's / organization's dealings where company culture can be observed or influenced, there a multitude more. Use this list as start or guide to evaluate and improve company culture in your organization.

Good company culture reflects positively on the business and customers will notice this. Good company culture imparts a trust and enhances a brand and reputation in the marketplace, and thus should be an important characteristic of every business leader.

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