Company culture, engagement and Continuous Improvement

Tuesday 3rd April 2011 - By Leo Alarcon    Share    

Perception is a powerful thing, company culture is not only about how an organization interacts with its employees and how people work, communicate and conduct business on a daily basis but also creates a perception within the marketplace of what the organization stands for. The perception of company culture plays an important psychological state of mind which indirectly affects employee engagement and motivation in the workplace. What's the link to continuous improvement and the way employees run a company's operations? Motivation and this state of mind affect employee performance and their will to go the extra mile and change the business for the better.

Managers and business owners should not only look at company culture as employee satisfaction and a set of company values which employees should uphold. They should look at company culture and employee motivation as a gauge to the ability of management to improve the business, engage employees to change the way they do business for the better and the perception of the business’ brand out in the marketplace including their ability to recruit and retain the best people.

In order to engage, motivate and lead people to change an organization the right culture must be in place. Employees and floor staff will always want something for their well being and their interests. The challenge to managers in improving business performance is to understand what motivates employees and what will enable them to go the extra mile to improve the business in order to achieve a continuous improvement culture. Remember once perception is changed, the foundation of a leading organization will be laid to achieve great business results with everyone on board.

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