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Articles on Operations and Business management, Business strategy and Lean manufacturing

Welcome to our article menu where you will find articles on a wide variety of subjects relating to Operations & business management, lean manufacturing and business strategy with real issues faced by managers, engineers and businesses. Our articles are organised in four different areas of interest for our readers, which are:

-Lean manufacturing articles

These will include articles where the lean manufacturing techniques and concepts have been applied to specific problems, issues with implementation of such concepts and benefits they can achieve in variety of businesses.
- Building lean plants and processes from the start
- Understanding the benefits of 5s

-Business strategy articles

- Efficiencies in third world markets
- Dominant market share: Flexibility and availability in your channel to market
- Investing in process efficiencies during the downturn
- FMEA's - Risk Management in major projects
- Effective use of Consulting teams and firms
- The real need for Operations Consultants
- Employee retention in tight labour Markets
- Cost curve significance: a hint to who survives the business cycle
- The endless pursuit of the lowest cost curve

-Business management articles

- Business in Asia: Country and work culture in South east Asia
- Business in Asia: Labour costs
- Company Values: For whatever they're worth
- Capital Boost: Internally generated cash through operations

-Operations management articles

- Operational Improvement Opportunities: Cost benefit analysis should always be step one
- Smart goals: Attainable success
- Company culture, engagement and Continuous Improvement
- Error Proofing: Automating to justify the Nuf-nuf factor

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